8 Things To Do With Pop Cans 
(And Other Junk) 


About The Site 

We figure all the links on this site will help people recycle and not be bored. some ideas on this site may be dangerous for younger people who may cut themselves or do something ignoramus. Dumpster diving will be required for most of these activities. The point is that you should go out and find pop cans in the trash and make your boards. Hopefully you will learn to make you own pop can boards and sleds. (long boards, regular boards, short boards, bobsleds, 80's boards and snowboards). Usually you will want the boards to be just the right size. You can vary the size, mainly length and thickness with all boards. If you like a bigger board but you want an 80s board you can just increase the size of the board to a bigger scale. you can even make hand boards if you are familiar with them.  We will even show you tricks you can try and tracks we have made.
We are trying to help the world by producing less waste but in a fun way instead of a boring one. Everyone should try to participate in cleaning up our world. 

We hope you will have a fun time making your own pop can boards and sleds.